What we do

How we work


Our innovative thinking and unique cross platform solution provides our partners and their clients with cutting edge apps across all platforms via a single login.


The apps we develop are carefully tested to meet the highest quality standards and comply with industry best practices.

About us


Our top priority is and will always be the innovation and quality of all the apps we offer. Our mission is to make successful partners and provide an excellent user experience for their end-users using the latest technology. The vision is to preserve and strengthen our position as one of the best tech providers and to continue to develop globally.


ProdukteAl was established in 2001 with the aim to develop software for the Albanian local market. Since 2015 the company changed its priority from local market to global market. We have the technology and strategies to keep pushing you forward. Our cutting edge software and management services will streamline your operation, increase your revenue and improve your client's satisfaction. With us, you’re ready for the next challenge!



Produkte.al sh.p.k Fees:

From 50 EUR to 200 EUR per hour.

From 1,000 EUR to 3,000 EUR part-time per week.

From 2,000 EUR deri ne 6,000 EUR full-time per week.

Fees vary according to projects and developers ability.